The Points of Loo Team

These people are enthusiasts, who hope to share their skills, wit, and world view by letting you know all about the toilets they have visited.

Andrew Faraday

Musician, programmer, geek. Andrew Faraday is a presenter on ALLFM's Marmite Junction. He uses toilets up to 5 times each and every day and was part of the original toilet reviewing team.

Sam Smith

Like a colossus, he straddles the twin disciplines of radio broadcasting & stand-up comedy. But now he's extending a 3rd leg into the murky waters of lavatory land. He's harboured a keen interest in reviewing restrooms from an early age, like his father, & his father before him. Who knows what the future holds for this literate latrine lover.

(Sam's biography was written by Sam Smith, presented here in it's original grammar and boastfulness.)

Martin Attenborough

Martin Attenborough is a member of her majesties Territorial Army, Marmite Files panellist and Yorkshireman. An original member of the team, he's the official Points of Loo correspondent for all things North Eastern.

Tom Short

Tom is a comedian, student and friend. He's been known to say many things in the world of the zany and surreal. Expect great things of this avid toilet enthusiast.

Peter Shillito

Presenter of The Cat's Neko Desu, Peter is a Creweton and anime enthusiast on a quest to visit every railway station in the known universe. During this quest he regularly visits a wide range of moving facilities.

Jen Van-Cauter

Jen Van-Cauter is the latest addition to the Points of Loo team. She has been visiting facilities across the length and breadth of the nation and is now contributing that wealth of experience to our humble blog. So far the only female member of the team, she is our correspondent for all things chic and ladylike.  

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